The Phenix Salon Suites in Roseville is a wonderful place to work. The location is perfect, easily accessible off the freeway. The interior is beautiful, with a soothing water feature on entry. The suites are all good sized, and the common areas are kept impeccably clean. Jason the landlord is phenomenal. During the COVID shutdown he did not charge any of us rent, even though he still had his payments to make. Other salon suite owners charged their tenants at least 50% rent, if not the full rent. He was very accommodating when I needed a private internet line, always listens, and tries to work out a solution within reason. He is easily accessible and very responsive to texts and emails. Jason seems to really care about his tenants and bends over backward to make sure we have everything we need and are happy. I see myself renting here for many years to come!


Nancy Shibayama, MD
Suite 119 Roseville

I understand making a salon change is a big decision! It’s so important for you and your clients to choose well !  I have been here at Phenix Salon suites now over 6 years . I absolutely love it here , as do my clients! Jason and David are always excellent to work with us ! They maintain the property, handle anything that may come up quickly! They really are so supportive! I can not imagine working any where else now ! Clients love the space and all the shopping or Starbucks just a few steps out the door !

-D (Folsom)

I came to the Phenix Salon Suites from a larger salon and it was my first time going out on my own. I was nervous about making the change and overwhelmed by all that went into starting my own salon. I couldn’t be happier with the change I made and I’m so thankful to have chosen Phenix. Jason creates a professional environment that exudes honesty and accountability. He was very helpful and patient with anything I was unsure of in the transition process. My clients are so happy to come see me at Phenix. They love their time there as it is a more personal and quiet experience. Finally, I love going to work every day!

-Michelle (Roseville)

I just want to take the time to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciated that we were rent free while we were closed due to COVID. I can honestly say that not a lot of owners/renters would be so gracious as you were to us. If it were it weren’t for that I wouldn’t still be there. Once again thank you!!! Thank you for everything and being so understanding of everything.



As a tenant/small business owner located within Phenix Salon Suites, I appreciate the clean and professional environment they maintain. There is a sense of an upscale privacy associated with having an individual suite that is appreciated by the customer. Suites can be outfitted to reflect each tenant’s personal style, which provides a comfortable work experience. Additionally, management at Phenix Salon Suites is responsive to tenant business needs and concerns. I recommend Phenix Salon Suites wholeheartedly.


Alex Ferraro
Studio 118 Roseville

I’ve been at Phenix Salon Suites in Rocklin for almost 2 years. It’s been one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my business. When I moved here from a full salon my clients loved that it was a suite where it was quite and relaxing. They also love the fact that we can have a conversation and no one else is listening to us. I love that I can personalize my salon to my taste, not someone else’s. This facility is always clean and if there is a problem I’ve never had any trouble getting ahold of Jason. He’s the best owner, always nice and helpful. I wish I would’ve made the move Phenix Salon suites a long time ago.

-R (Rocklin)

Coming to Phenix Salon Suites three and a half years ago has been a very fruitful decision for my business. I was starting my business and had looked at other places to rent but ultimately decided Phenix was the decision that made the most sense. I have had zero regrets. My clients appreciate the professional environment and the private suite, especially those who favor a high end experience. The value and appeal of the private one on one appointments have especially been valuable during the COVID pandemic of this year. The management of Phenix is consistently communicative, efficient, considerate, and responsible. Having a stable and central location is crucial to the success of businesses in the beauty industry, and Phenix provides exactly that. My business has grown and continues to thrive and I owe a part of that to where I chose to become established. I cannot recommend Phenix Salon Suites more highly.

-J (Roseville)

My name is Julie and I have been a hairdresser since 1997, coming from the Bay Area I have worked in many salons, I also decided to do hair out of my home thinking it would be the best of both worlds.. nope… having my private salon suite is the best of both worlds!!

I LOVED decorating my own space, I LOVE the privacy of the space being just my client and I, and everything is all in one, i can sell my own product, work anytime I want, and best of all no salon drama!! Thank you Phenix Salon Suites for finally feeling like home!!
Julie P

My name is Paulina, I am one of the tenants at Phenix Salon Suites in Roseville. I first met Mr. Curtis back in the middle of June after coming back from the first COVID shut-down. In our first meeting, he shared that during the first shut-down he hadn’t charged his tenants any rent. I thought that was very considerate of him since the stylists couldn’t work and would not be making enough money to pay rent. Any time I’ve had any questions, Mr. Curtis is always quick to respond. After the governor shut the salons down again and we were closed, Mr. Curtis did not charge us any rent. I’ve only known Mr. Curtis for over three months, but he has proven to be fair, considerate, and truly care for his tenants. It is always a pleasant environment when I come to work.


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